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   Jingjiang Xingjie – Power Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd is an engineering company with comprehensive and new technology. Our products involve electric power, new energy, chemical industry, pharmacy, new material and so on. We undertake electric equipment manufacturing and overhaul. And also in piper work, the design and construction of environmental engineering .We now devote ourselves to consultant, development and extending of the new material project. Besides, we’re an integrated high-tech material manufacturer with the largest scale and strongest technical force in East China. Being a quality-insured and gauge-qualified company, we are DuPont and Daikin's long-term strategic partner. Based on the R&D, production and sales of fluorine and silicone series impregnated products,our company takes the lead in fluorine and silicone industry to get the certificates of ISO9001 Quality Management System, .We are the largest production base of Teflon, silicone fluoride viscose products.Products passed the test finds that the industry is one of few bu European standards BSCI certification.

  Our main products include: Teflon impregnated fiberglass fabric, Teflon impregnated mesh conveyor belt, fusing machine belt, Teflon Adhesive tape, Teflon impregnated fiberglass fabric tape with adhesive, Teflon impregnated oven mat, silicone impregnated  fiberglass fabric, silicone impregnated fiberglass fabric tape with adhesive and Kevlar series products, etc. With the fluorine, silicon coated products as the commanding elevation, by quality production equipment and advanced technology, our company always actively promotes new product development and innovation, constantly providing our clients with high quality silicon fluoride products.

Holding on the core values of "sincere service, innovative creativity, pursuit of simplicity, ahead of the era", with the science and technology as forerunner, our company is always committed to being world-class supplier of high-tech materials, to providing users with efficient, high quality and satisfactory service.

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